About us


Vanadzor YMCA (Vanadzor Young Men’s Christian Association) is a non-governmental and non-political youth organization which was founded in 1997. In August 5, 1998 the organization was officially registered in the Ministry of Justices of Republic of Armenia as an NGO. The construction of the building of Vanadzor YMCA was financed by Aramian family. With honor, the building of Vanadzor YMCA bears the names of Kazar and Nevart Aramians and is called Kazar and Nevart Aramian YMCA Child Care and Zevartaran Center. Till now Aramian Family is financing Kazar and Nevart Aramian “Zevartaran” Center’s and Kazar and Nevart Aramians “Child care” Center’s projects.
Vanadzor YMCA is reflecting the Christian values in the life; It is essential that the membership is open to all people, no matter what their age, sex or religion, race and social background is. The heading principles applying to nowadays society are:
  • Creating equal opportunities for everybody
  • Creating “a loving and understanding space between people”
  • Supporting personal honesty, sincerity and creativity within and outside YMCA
  • Developing programs, which report and offer the abundance and depth of Christian experience
  • Supporting personal development

Vanadzor YMCA unites the youth appealing them the universal human principles- mutual respect, responsibility, honesty and care- fulfilling plans and activities which are concentrated in the individual’s psychological, mental and physical development. It builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.
The organization doesn’t pursue political aims, it is working with the principles of Christian church and it doesn’t pursue to agitate for religion.

Regular Activities:
* Kazar and Nevart Aramians “Child care” Center is a comprehensive project for children aged 3-6. The goal of the project is to promote the mental, psychological and physical harmonious growth of the children of these age groups. The objectives of the project are:

  • Teaching programs (Armenian, Russian, English, mathematics, world perception, nature, introduction to computers, coloring, handicraft, singing, drawing)
  • Physical education (Physical education, dance, walks, outdoor activities and competitions)
  • Entertaining programs (teaching and entertaining events)
* Kazar and Nevart Aramians “Zevartaran Center” Elderly integration program for people above 60. The program ensures the efficient and pleasant time spending for about twenty five old people involved in this project.
* Camp programs: trainings on different themes, National and International Summer camps for refugees and young people.
* Youth programs
Vanadzor YMCA has various types of courses such as dancing, drawing, handicraft, computer courses as well as foreign language courses (Russian, English, etc.)
Besides these main courses we also have clubs of guitar, dancing, yoga, TenSing (“Teenagers’ Singing”), English Club, “Point of View” debate youth club.
YMCA SCREAM rock band: the aim of this project is to inspire the local youth to use their potential to create and play music.
Vanadzor YMCA has been actively promoting the idea of voluntary service in Armenia and takes it as an efficient tool for community development, refugee’s integration, solution of existing problems such as youth unemployment etc. The number of beneficiaries of the organization is nearly 650 people (4-85 years old) most of them are involved in more than one activity of Vanadzor YMCA. Besides the main educational and upbringing programs, Vanadzor YMCA organizes various seminars, trainings on different topics and social issues. The major work is carried out by volunteers.
Having a great authority among community Vanadzor YMCA takes part in different international programs and in the local seminars. Vanadzor YMCA organizes different seminars for the members of the organization and also for the other NGOs of Vanadzor.



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